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Quirky, short wedding films, capturing your day in an artistic and cinematic fashion!

Location: Flat 7, 1 New Marchants Passage, Bath, BA1 1AR

Approximate costs: £450.00 (low) - £1,000 (high)

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  • Artistic
  • Cinematic
  • Contemporary
  • Documentary
  • Modern
  • Quirky
  • Super 8mm Film
  • Vintage

Our Story

Agnes Wedding Films

Over time, wedding videographers have acquired this bad reputation for being in everyone’s faces, intimidating guests with huge equipment and making tacky 3hr long wedding films that only get watched once or twice.

Well at Agnes Wedding Films, we aspire to change that reputation and bring Videography back to the top of your wedding check list!

Agne has a way of blending in with you and your guests and making people feel comfortable around her camera so that she can capture your wedding on video in the most natural way. The atmosphere, banter, emotions, and splendour of your wedding day are collected in a beautiful montage that tells the story of your day in a way that’s touching, humorous and personal to you. You end up with a wedding film that’s long enough to hold all the absolute best parts of your day, and short enough to be watched over and over and over again.

A picture speaks a thousand words. A film speaks a million.

About the owners

So once upon a time there lived a girl named Agne. Since the age of 11 she never went anywhere without her video camera, making little films of everyone and everything that she found interesting. Having lived through 10 years of all the phases and styles of filmmaking, and graduating Media Arts at Royal Holloway University of London, she realized that this love for preserving memories of people, places and emotions, could actually be put to good use!That girl was me.

I still love filming as much as I did when I first held a video camera, and no matter how many weddings I go to, I still get just as excited before each one. The vows still make me tear up, the speeches still make me laugh and I can’t explain how much my cheeks hurt at the end of the day from the amount of involuntary smiling that goes on on my face.

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More Information

Agnes Wedding Films now offer a special Nostalgia Package where with an extra of just £150 your wedding video is transformed with an 8mm Film Effect, giving it that beautiful vintage nostalgic look that has become very popular amongst modern brides. Have a look here.

Visit my stand at the No Ordinary Wedding Fair on 8th March 2015. Visit my website

Find out more about the No Ordinary Wedding Fair

No Ordinary Wedding Fair



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What equipment do you use for filming?

I film on my DSLR – Canon 5DmkII. The relatively small camera helps keep me camouflaged amongst guests who think I’m just there taking pictures 😛

Do you pose the bride and groom?

Every wedding is different, but no, I normally leave the posing up to the Photographer and take a more documentary approach to filming.

How do you choose the music for the films?

The music is chosen by the couple themselves. Out of a list of about 7 songs, I pick the ones that best suit the different parts of the wedding video.

How long does it take to edit the video?

That depends on a few things – the time of year it is (in the summer, for example, it would take a lot longer because it’s a very busy time) and how long it takes for the couple to choose their music. Either way, I endeavor to have your video finished 2 months after your wedding day.

What if we’re not sure about the length of video we want?

If you’re not sure, you can always upgrade to a longer video after your wedding day and pay the difference then. When I am filming, I always aim to capture enough footage for couples to be able to upgrade if they wish to.

Would you travel outside the Bath area for our wedding?

Darlings, I will travel wherever your beautiful wedding takes me! I charge my travel expenses at 35p per mile for weddings over 30 miles outside of Bath.

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Flat 7, 1 New Marchants Passage, Bath, BA1 1AR