20 Quirky Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding: Part III

By Lucy Bremner

Amy Barton Photography

Amy Barton Photography

Scrapping some elements of a traditional wedding? Want to add a modern twist to old traditions?We hope we’ve excited and inspired you with our alternative and quirky wedding ideas so far in Part 1 and Part 2.

In Part III, we’ll share even more quirky wedding alternatives with you. Quirky Wedding StationeryQuirky Wedding TransportationAlternative Wedding Music, Alternative Wedding Entertainment, and Alternative Wedding Photography all star in this show!


11. Quirky Wedding Stationery


Stationery: Why is it important for weddings? Is it important for weddings? If the more conventional plain white card with gold edges announcing your upcoming nuptials puts you off, we don’t blame you.  This is a celebration of a blissful union, and the wedding invites and table decorations, plans etc should set the tone of both your wedding and your marriage.

Saunders Creative create bespoke decals with text or image designs that can be adhered to any smooth surface. The ideal way to create signs, table numbers, seating plans and more. They can also transfer your handwriting or drawings into decals for a complete bespoke look. An inspired idea for table plans and table numbers, it also makes a great keepsake after your wedding.

Saunders Creative


Lorraine Burt, the brains behind the Whole Caboodle  makes bespoke stationery that shines, sparkles and stands out.  “I’m obsessive about quality and attention to detail, which is apparent in all my work, and I only use the finest materials and crystal”, she says. The Whole Caboodle is for couples who want originality and a touch of traditional glitz.

The Whole Caboodle 

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12. Quirky Wedding Transportation

Getting to your wedding is both a physical and emotional journey. Excitement, nerves and anticipation are usually at an all time high.  So, why not opt for something a little different, creative and out of the ordinary than the traditional chauffeur-driven white limousine ride?

For those who don’t want to stray too far from the traditional, but fancy a modern twist, Timebus can provide a classic London bus with a difference – open topped, silver, or from the fifties. These buses can be stationary and provide a quirky place for you and your guests to hang out and eat, or it can transport you anywhere you wish.



For something a bit more alternative, meet Suzie Goodman, the proud owner of Kushi Cars, a wedding car company that ticks the unusual box many times over. Kushi is Hindi for ‘Happiness’ and her car never fails to make people stop and smile.  Suzie is rare as a woman in what is traditionally ‘a man’s world’ of wedding car chauffeuring. Suzie says, “I offer an intimate, chatty and quite girly experience”.  She prides herself on going out of her way to be the exact opposite of the mainstream wedding car companies. This sounds good to us!

Kushi Cars

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13. Alternative Wedding Music

Music is probably one of the hardest categories to crack. You like jazz music, your partner likes rock ‘n’ roll and your guests have eclectic tastes ranging from Michael Jackson to Bob Marley.  So, how do you choose music that everyone will like? We’ve found some musicians below that we think will help ease your musical worries!

If you’re looking to create a vibrant atmosphere at a wedding, nothing beats live music.   Award-winning live music from Romantic Piano will create a great ambience for your ceremony, drinks reception or afternoon wedding breakfast.  All styles of music from  classical, jazz, to pop and music from film soundtracks sound good on piano, so it’s ideal for brides and grooms who want to keep their guests entertained with plenty of musical variety.

Romantic Piano


For 100% live wedding music that you choose, why not try Simon from Celebrate with Music? He is a unique violinist and pianist who loves playing the music his clients select. He doesn’t ask you to pick from repertoire lists, like other musicians, or hide his playing with a backing track – every note he plays his 100% live and every song can fit in with the theme of your wedding. Simon studied at the Royal Academy of Music and was for 18 years a producer at BBC Radio 3. He can play anything, from Bach to Beyonce, Vivaldi to John Legend. That sounds pretty impressive to us!

Simon Jordan


To add a little sass to your wedding, have a look at The Daisy Chains, six petticoated women who sing in beautiful close harmony as well as playing drums, guitar, bass, trumpet, tenor and baritone saxophones! They play fantastic bespoke arrangements of old and new songs, ranging from Paulo Nutini and Eliza Doolittle to classic Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis.  Voted the Best Vintage Band at the London awards, this group will work for couples who love the vintage theme.

Daisy Chains


Acoustic guitarist Stuart Carter-Smith and jazz violinist, Ben Holder, come together in a fusion of explosive styles to form the dynamic duo, Holder and Smith. Haunting yet soulful acoustic mastery of Latin, classical, jazz and beyond that’s also energetic and jovial is what the two promise. What’s more, Ben and Stuart share a passion for close up magic and the art of illusion, so you could end up with music and magic from the same source. What could be better?!

Holder Smith

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14. Alternative Wedding Entertainment

Wedding entertainment should be just that – entertainment.  It’s a great way to add that something extra to your wedding celebrations, but it’s also a perfect icebreaker to allow your guests to get to know one another, relax and have a great time. Bands, DJs and other musical entertainers are pretty standard. But how something a bit different?

First up is the magician Roger Lapin.  There will be times during the day when you won’t be able to give all your guests your full attention. During these few hours, Roger will leave your guests wondering “How did he do that?!”

Roger Lapin


For something truly extraordinary, how about  incorporating a flash mob from Sapphire Groove Dance into your wedding reception? There’s no better way to get bums off seats and coax even the most uncoordinated guests onto the dancefloor. For most it sounds terrifying, but for couples who want something out of the ordinary this could be for you.

Sapphire Dance Groove

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15. Alternative Wedding Photography

Every couple’s dream is for their wedding day is simple: to tell the story of the couple’s love and to create memories that will be treasured for years and years to come. The venue, the food, the accessories and the entertainment all set the tone. Now all you need is a talented artist to capture all of it in true to life form.

London-based photographer Amy Barton does exactly that.  She says “I am completely honest and give my couples everything I have both as a photographer and a real person. In understanding each other’s quirks, passions, dreams and fears we will always undoubtedly make some beautiful imagery.”  With Amy’s compassionate photography, you can wave goodbye to the stiff and calculated poses and allow yourself and your wedding guests to relax and let Amy capture the day truthfully and freely.


Amy Barton Photography

Amy Barton Photography

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