20 Quirky Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding: Part II

By Lucy Bremner

French Made - 'Naked' cake

French Made – ‘Naked’ cake

In Part I of 20 Quirky alternatives to the traditional wedding, we inspired you with Alternative Wedding Venues, wowed you with Modern and Alternative Wedding Dresses, mesmerised you with Boutique Wedding Jewellery, tempted you with mouth-watering Alternative Wedding Catering, and tickled your fancy with Unique Wedding Favours.

Whether you’re thinking of scrapping some elements of a traditional wedding, or simply adding a modern twist to old traditions, we hope we excited and inspired you with our alternative wedding ideas.

In Part II, we’ll share even more quirky wedding alternatives with you. From alternative wedding flowers that will have you skipping through the fields, to amazingly simple yet brilliant wedding gift ideas. Get ready to salivate over naked wedding cakes, drool over truly gorgeous boutique wedding shoes you can actually wear, contemplate classy hen and stag dos and much more!

From alternative wedding flowers that will have you skipping through the fields, to amazingly simple yet brilliant wedding gift ideas. Get ready to salivate over naked wedding cakes, drool over truly gorgeous boutique wedding shoes you can actually wear, contemplate classy hen and stag dos and much more!


6. Alternative Wedding Flowers


The symbolism of wedding flowers should never be underestimated.  Their colour and composition should compliment the day, along with your respective personalities.

Channel your creativity and become your own florist: Kent-based  Blooming Green offers a unique and 100% organic ‘pick your own wedding flowers’ service.  It is so popular that the co-founder Jen Stuart-Smith jokes that “One bride even told us it was the best hour of her life. I told her that she probably shouldn’t mention that to the groom.”

Blooming Green / Alternative Wedding Flowers

Blooming Green / Alternative Wedding Flowers


The Pink Peony, located in Bristol aims to personalise each bouquet to match their couple. Laura, from the Pink Peony says “with just a touch of a certain foliage native to a groom’s home country, inclusion of a feather which hints back to a special memory or the addition of a hanging locket from a bridal bouquet, flowers can speak volumes and add so much to an already special day.”

Pink Peony - Edgy and elegant bride's bouquet

Pink Peony – Edgy and elegant bride’s bouquet

Based in the trendy North London area of Crouch End, you will stumble upon The Urban Flower Company.  Weddings with The Urban Flower Company are relaxed, personal and a bit on the wild side.  They love working with and blending together different textures and colours from a stunning selection of flowers, herbs and foliage, creating designs which have an edge of ‘something different.’ They’re seasonal, they’re exciting and they’re fresh!

The Urban Flower Company - Bright and colourful wedding flowers

The Urban Flower Company – Bright and colourful wedding flowers


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7. Quirky Hen and Stag

The conventional stag and hen do = drinking until you cannot stand and majorly regretting it the next day, or week even.  If you’d like to try something a little bit different, why not treat your nearest and dearest to something special, alternative and unique – something they can actually remember and not regret.

Fennes, located in Essex, is another venue that belongs to The Tabor Group. Situated in 100 acres of beautiful, picturesque Essex countryside and woodland, Fennes Shooting School provides excellent shooting facilities for the novice and experienced gun alike.  Why not combine the stag/hen do with your wedding and book it the day before?

Fennes  - Shooting Hen Do

Fennes – Shooting Hen Do


The Bloody Oyster is as quirky as it is eye catching.  If you fancy representing iconic British traditions at your stag do – with a modern twist – how about hiring a Big Red Bus that serves Bloody Mary’s and oysters for you and your friends? You can all be brave and try BBQ’d oysters at the same time (don’t knock ‘em until you’ve tried ‘em)

Bloody Oyster - Oysters on an Iconic British Red Bus

Bloody Oyster – Oysters on an Iconic British Red Bus


Why not use your hen or stag do to prepare both mentally and physically for your big day and escape to the countryside with Middle Piccadilly’s ‘Healthy Hen’ retreats? You’ll find them in a stunning rural location in the heart of Dorset, in a 17th century thatched farmhouse surrounded by courtyard buildings converted into contemporary cottage accommodation. It’s perfect for relaxing, reminiscing and recuperating before your big day.

Middle Piccadilly - Spa - Healthy Hen do

Middle Piccadilly – Spa – Healthy Hen do


Afternoon tea is the perfect treat – yes, we are talking to all the men out there too – scones, clotted cream and the finest selections of tea one can imagine. What would make this occasion more fabulous, more quirky, more special? If you let BB Bakery take you on a tour of London (on a big red bus) at the same time.  All customers – or should I say passengers – will be taken on a scenic tour from one end of London to another while enjoying the finest tea and cake selection from Covent Garden’s most loved bakery.

BB Bakery

BB Bakery

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8. Boutique Wedding Cakes and Confectionery

Your wedding cake, like the dress, is another thing that will get plenty of attention on your big day. No need to worry because No Ordinary Wedding is up to date with the coolest bakeries and confectioners that will help to personalise and update the traditional wedding cake.


Meringue Girls, based in London, do just as their name suggests. They produce amazing meringue in all shapes, colours and flavours that will leave your guests in complete awe.   Their wedding cakes are hard to beat: they offer 10 delicious sponge flavours, topped with a light meringue buttercream and a choice of 10 different meringue kisses.

Meringue Girls

Meringue Girls


French Made affirm that while their dessert tables are in London, their roots are firmly in France.  They call themselves “the entente cordiale of cakes” which will appeal to all of you history enthusiasts.  Using the freshest of ingredients and drawing inspiration from “shabby chic themes”, French Made have a passion for the unconventional, producing beautiful and carefully hand crafted cakes that will stand out.

French Made / Photo credit: Paola de Paola

French Made / Photo credit: Paola de Paola

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9. Boutique Wedding Shoes

If you’re not feeling confident enough to embrace an unconventional dress, why not compromise and purchase some showstopping shoes to make your outfit truly original?

Donna Crain Ltd, of Surrey, goes a step further (no pun intended) and embellishes a pair you send to them with beautiful bejewelled designs. As well as setting yourself apart as a little bit different, it means this way you can re-wear your shoes time and time again!

Donna Crain

Donna Crain


I don’t know about you, but we think the best wedding receptions are filled with great music and lots of dancing. So if you like the idea of gorgeous shoes you can actually walk in that are also great for dancing, this one’s for you! Based in south west London, Amy’s is a shoe supplier to discerning dancers of Argentine Tango and brides and bridesmaids seeking shoes that are a little bit different. They feature elegant designs, an amazing range of colours and finishes, leather throughout,  and – the best bit – the legendary comfort and stability of a real tango dancer’s shoe.



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10. Alternative Wedding Gifts

Conventionally, wedding gifts were given to help the newly married couple settle into married life. They could range from silverware to domestic appliances and everything in between. Nowadays, this tradition may seem a little behind the times and it can be hard for guests to know what to get as wedding gifts. Since it’s now more common for marriages to happen at all ages and stages of life. we think wedding gifts and the thought behind them deserve a makeover.

Patchwork Present is a revolutionary force in the field of gift giving. Their idea is simple but inspired: to allow couples to choose one big gift they really want broken down into a patchwork of smaller, individually priced pieces that friends and family to contribute to. For example, if your one wedding wish is to fund your honeymoon trip to an exotic beach location in Thailand, guests can give £100 for a night in a hotel, £50 for a dinner for two, or £5 for two beers on the beach as a wedding gift. Brilliant! We love this as a nice compromise between the awkward business of giving physical gifts and the tricky business of giving money. What’s even better is each guest knows they’re contributing to something that’s truly wanted or needed and will therefore be very much appreciated by the couple.

Patchwork Present

Patchwork Present

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Stay tuned for more quirky alternatives in Part 3 !



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