Our Story

“When my then boyfriend and I began to talk about getting married, I, of course, began exploring wedding ideas. Unlike the typical pre-engaged woman whose first port of call is pinterest boards of wedding dresses and colour schemes, my first thoughts were about logistics and budget – where we would have the wedding and how much would it cost. What I discovered in my search were three things:

1) The price of the average wedding is extortionate

2) It’s difficult and time consuming to find information on wedding packages, prices and available wedding dates either on wedding venues’ and vendors’ websites or on wedding directories, and

3) the vast majority of wedding reception venues are traditional, run-of-the-mill venues that churn out weddings faster than electric churns turn milk into butter.

I came to realise that if the typical wedding venue isn’t your cup of tea and you want something a little bit different, the search is more difficult and time consuming. Other couples – friends of mine – planning their own weddings, were coming to the same depressing conclusions.

Being the “fixer” that I am, I decided there had to be a better way and No Ordinary Wedding was born.

While my wedding to that boyfriend never happened, I take pleasure in making it just that little bit easier for you to find the venues and vendors you need for your special day. Moreover, when my day does come, helping all of you will have made my wedding planning that much easier”!

– No Ordinary Wedding Founder, Tashweka Anderson